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Buck & Co Jewllers, Goldsmiths and Diamond Mounters, designed and created by their experienced Jewller in Bodmin, Cornwall.

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Bank Holiday Opening Hours....

A stunning selection of gemstones to update you with our bank holiday opening hours.

We are open tomorrow, Saturday 25th May as usual, and then close for the bank holiday and half term, and will reopen on Friday 31st May.

We hope you all have a lovely long weekend and thank you for your patience whilst we spend some time with our nearest and dearest.

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May's Birthstone

For those people lucky enough to be born in May their birthstone is the beautiful emerald, symbolising the green colours of late spring. Emerald (beryllium aluminum silicate) is part of the Beryl family of gemstones, and is related to the blue aquamarine and the gorgeous golden yellow heliodor. Emerald is the most precious stone out of all its relatives, prized for its incomparable green colour.

Famously loved in antiquity by Cleopatra through to Elizabeth Taylor in modern times, the emerald was believed to sharpen the memory and wits, to give the gift of foresight, reveal the truth and protect again evil spells. The green was believed to be soothing to tired eyes, and to protect against malaria and cholera.

Emerald is rarely flawless and inclusions are an accepted part of a beautiful natural stone, and are sometimes referred to as the 'jardin' (French for garden) of the stone, encouraging you to look into its depths and enjoy the uniqueness of each stone.

It is coloured by the element chromium, and is part of the hexagonal crystal system, growing in many locations across the world including Columbia, India, Zimbabwe and Siberia.

Gemstone care is paramount with this stone as it is brittle and can easily fracture. The octagonal 'emerald cut' (without corners) was devised for this stone to help prevent damage from accidental knocks and bumps. Avoid chemicals, solvents and detergents, and never put in an ultrasonic cleaner! Not only are emeralds prone to breakage in an ultrasonic due to the vibrations, but the chemicals can adversely effect treatments that they stone may have received.

Pictured is a selection of beautiful emeralds available in our shop in Bodmin, which have been delicately mounted in these handmade pieces by our in-house goldsmith. Pop in for a viewing, or pm for more details.


Buck & Co Jewellers is a family-owned business with over 40 years of experience in the jewellery industry. We offer a wide range of services including custom designs, repairs, appraisals and horology. We are a husband and wife team consisting of qualified and experienced jewellers, diamond mounters, gold and silversmiths, and gem setters. We take pride in crafting each piece of jewellery with excellence, ensuring that it meets our high standards of quality.


At Buck & Co Jewellers, we offer a personalised service, where your work is carried out in our fully insured workshop located in The Market House Arcade in Bodmin, a Grade II listed building. We have options to suit all budgets and tastes, and offer free consultations for your commission work including availability outside of our opening hours. Contact us today to schedule an appointment suitable for you.

Buck & Co Jewllers is owned and run by Husband and Wife team Trevor & Alexandra Buck, pictured here in there bespoke Jewellery shop in Bodmin, Cornwall
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