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New to the shop....

New to the window today is this fabulous handmade 18ct yellow gold, bi-coloured tourmaline ring.

This ring has been lovingly handcrafted in our shop in Bodmin by our in-house Goldsmith. Handmade from highest quality 18ct yellow gold, the mount and shank has been carefully designed and created to house this spectacular bi-coloured tourmaline.

This stone has been cut from a slice of a watermelon tourmaline, and showcases the fabulous pink and green colour for which this gemstone is rightly famous. This stone weighs in at a satisfying 1.56ct and exhibits excellent colour and good clarity.

This ring bears full UK hallmarks, for Birmingham, 750, 2024. It is currently a size P and a half, but a full resizing service can be offered on this piece if required.

This ring is a completely unique and handmade piece of jewellery, featuring high quality 18ct gold with an exceptionally beautiful gemstone bought together by the skill of a trained and experienced Master Goldsmith. Pop in for a viewing, or pm for more details.

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July's Birthstone

Congratulations to all the July babies out there as you can lay claim to the spectacular ruby for your birthstone!

Named for the Latin for red ('ruber'), rubies are in the same gemstone species as sapphires, but have a different colouring agent to create that deep rich red colour we all know and love. Also representative of the 40th wedding anniversary, rubies are traditionally meant to symbolise passion and blood, and are believed to protect against illness and enhance the life force of the wearer.

Rubies often grow as short tabular crystals, and have been mined for centuries in Myanmar (Burma) where the finest quality stones come from the Mogok district. Other significant deposits are in Thailand, Sri Lanka and Afghanistan.

Stunning natural star sapphires can occur, and the gems need to be cut into domed cabochons to display this effect, which is known as asterism. These six or twelve rayed stars appear to move across the surface of the stone as the stone is moved under a pin point light, and can be some of the most visually attractive (and expensive) rubies. The rays of the star are caused by the internal reflection of light from parallel inclusions with the gemstone. Pictured is the famous DeLong star ruby which is an enormous 100cts and was discovered in Myanmar (Burma) in the 1930s. In 1964 it was stolen by a notorious gem thief, and was ransomed for 25,000 USD, and recovered from a phone box near Palm Beach, Florida.

Another famous ruby is from the Stuart Coronation ring, which is engraved with the cross of St. George, dating to 1660. It is believed to have been used at the coronation of James I and James II, and after the death of James II the ring remained in the Stuart family until it was given to George IV. It remains in the Royal Collection to this day.

Pictured are a collection of antique diamond and ruby rings, three in 18ct yellow gold and one in 9ct white gold. All are available for viewing in our shop in Bodmin, as are the secondhand diamond and ruby drop earrings in 10k gold.


Buck & Co Jewellers is a family-owned business with over 40 years of experience in the jewellery industry. We offer a wide range of services including custom designs, repairs, appraisals and horology. We are a husband and wife team consisting of qualified and experienced jewellers, diamond mounters, gold and silversmiths, and gem setters. We take pride in crafting each piece of jewellery with excellence, ensuring that it meets our high standards of quality.


At Buck & Co Jewellers, we offer a personalised service, where your work is carried out in our fully insured workshop located in The Market House Arcade in Bodmin, a Grade II listed building. We have options to suit all budgets and tastes, and offer free consultations for your commission work including availability outside of our opening hours. Contact us today to schedule an appointment suitable for you.

Buck & Co Jewllers is owned and run by Husband and Wife team Trevor & Alexandra Buck, pictured here in there bespoke Jewellery shop in Bodmin, Cornwall
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