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Antique Jewellery Restoration

At our family run shop, we are proud to offer our Antique Jewellery Restoration service. Whether it’s a traditional design or something more modern, our experienced jeweller Trevor will bring your treasured pieces back to life. From reworking inherited jewellery to repairing broken items, we can take your pieces and make them shine again. Rest assured, your precious items are safe with us, and never leave our premises.

Buck & Co's Jeweller carefully drilling small intricate holes into a pearl ready for inclusion on a necklace.

What we can do

It is common to inherit beautiful pieces of jewellery that don't quite match your personal style or fit your current needs, but which still have a sentimental attachment. With our antique jewellery restoration and remodelling service, Trevor can transform it to your liking while still holding onto the original charm and sentimental value of the original piece.


With his expertise and experience, your precious heirlooms can be transformed into a timeless piece that can be passed down for generations to come.

How we can do it

At our Jewellery Shop, we take pride in our remodelling service for antique jewellery. Book a free consultation, outside of opening hours if needed, and bring in your jewellery and any ideas you may already have. We will work with you to design and create your dream jewellery. Trevor can transform your pearl bracelets into stunning earrings for example, or fashion your old and worn-out pieces into something new and unique.

As a small family business, we can guarantee that care and attention is bestowed upon your antique jewellery throughout the process.

Pearl earrings from Buck & Co Jewellers in Bodmin
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