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Gold Jewelry


As part of the services provided at Buck & Co Jewellers, we offer a wide range of Jewellery repairs, all carried out in house within the safety of our shop. From basic simple chain repairs to complex gem setting and plating, we have the tools, knowledge and experience to provide a comprehensive and professional service.

A piece of Gold being melted down at the Jewellers bench, ready for creating a new diamond ring

Plating Services

We are able to carry out gold, silver and rhodium plating, all to a high standard and done on the premises

Most commercially purchased white gold jewellery is now rhodium finished at the time of manufacture, Buck & Co are able to reinstate this finish for you.

Ring Sizing

We also provide a ring sizing service where by we can resize your precious rings by either adding or removing metal. We can work in all precious metals.

We offer a precise measuring service and, it is important to note that we do not stretch rings. This is poor practice and can damage the piece and destroy the integrity of the metal. Attempts to stretch rings rarely end well or yield a good result.

Sapphire and Diamond white gold ring
image (4).jpg

Gems and Stones

We can supply and set missing gems and stones to a very high standard. By having access to some of the UK's premier polished coloured stones and diamond suppliers, Alexandra is able to accurately match stones and replace missing ones.

This service is particularly relevant in the case of very old and antique jewellery where value can be hugely affected by the quality of replacement stones and the work which is carried out. The outcome can massively affect the value of the piece concerned and in most cases, restoration work should be sympathetic to the age of the piece concerned.

Watches and Clocks

As a retail shop, we are able to offer a wide range of quality leather watch straps which on most occasions, we are able to change straightaway. Because we believe a quality strap is an integral part of your watch, we do not stock cheap straps. This is to minimise the risk of losing a watch which can be both valuable and sentimental to you and your family.

Our watch stock also comprises of a comprehensive range of batteries. As mentioned previously, in most cases we are able to change a battery for you within a few minutes. We also offer a water resistant testing service for all watches which is again, carried out inhouse by us. The process only takes around 30 minutes and is important if you wear your watch day to day as it is exposed to water. This can adversely affect the performance and may totally destroy a watch, in the worst scenario. 


What to know About Repairs

Repairs can sometimes be complex and, because of the variable nature and make up of a piece of jewellery, we will only give estimates if we have physically seen the piece. Our estimates are free of charge, and because all our work is carried out in house we will do our best to accommodate special occasions, or tight deadlines if possible.

Buck & Co Jewellers are always happy to provide you with our professional opinion and advise on individual restoration work. 

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